thomas bisignani

Web Developer @ SensioLabs



July 2016 - Today


SensioLabs is an Open Source software and SaaS editor, is known for constantly pushing PHP language limits worldwide, especially following the creation of Symfony, the PHP framework for businesses and Twig, the templating engine.

In addition to the numerous service, training and support offers available, the company conceives e-solution products for web developers and businesses, to improve quality, productivity, direction and deployment of PHP applications, such as SensioLabsInsight, launched in 2014.

June 2012 - July 2016

Research and Development Engineer

Golden Eyes is a leading solutions company specializing in CRM, business intelligence and marketing solutions targeted at multi-channel retailers.

Symfony 1.4 Symfony 2 AngularJS HTML 5 CSS 3 JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap 3 Photoshop CS Doctrine Oracle PL/SQL SQL PostgreSQL SOAP REST MySQL Debian Git Docker

October 2007 - June 2012

Frontend / Backend Web Developper

Altima° is a leading independent European digital agency specialized in e-commerce activity.

Symfony 1.4 Wordpress Joomla HTML 5 CSS 3 JavaScript jQuery MooTools Prototype Photoshop CS Doctrine SOAP REST Debian Git SVN